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Yang-Seunghyeok/First draft/Wed3, 4

According to DSM-III about one of ten people in U.S. has personality disorder. Personality disorder means a state in which deviated mind and behavior pattern cause problems in home or social life. Although personality disorder seems to be removed for comfortable life personality disorder can bring positive effect to people who have personality disorder because of certain qualities accompanying peraonality disorder, suffered experience, and proud obtained after overcoming it.

People who have narcissistic personality disorder are usually arrogant. Coco chanel, founder of Cocochanel was the same. In her reminiscences she said "I was always very arrogant. I disliked to bow again and again or throw out my opinion to follow a command. Arrogance is a condensed word for my personality and it means i am independent and not social. But it is my energy and a foundatiin for my success." Certain qualities of personality disorder can be a foundation for prosperity.

People who have personality disorder are prone to be sensitive. When this quality meets with the experience of sadness, fear, and others suffers can make a great art peice. Marlon Brando, hollyhood actor was one of the artists who make one's suffered experience to a stage of art. A bad experiences which caused personality disorder can be material for art with sensitive personality.

After people overcome a hardship they become more mature. Overcoming personality disorder brings the same effect. Proud that a suffer gets after a suffer overwhelms it will be a foudation for life. An idea that "I won the victory at a confrontation with myself" will give a person wh had personality disorder a proud to go ahead with one's own life plan.

Personality disorder can give benefits to suffers if people who have it recognize positive sides of it. Certain qualities of it will help them success their own plan. Suffered experiences can be an art with fine feeling. Self-esteem aquired after overcoming is drive to live better life.


Yong-yoon Cho/First draft/Wed3-4

Why Gender Stereotypes should be dispelled


What was her name? Who was the female character who was sexy, kind, and dedicated to her loved one? Or who was not represented as thin, hyper-sexualized, emotional, submissive, or obedient to men? It is hard think of any female characters who were not portrayed as inferior to male characters. The conventional gender roles still widely prevail in movies, but this limited perception needs to be changed. The gender stereotypes should be dispelled because it limits potential has negative impact on children, can make a profit.

First, the gender stereotypes should be dispelled because it inhibits movies. The character plays a huge role to a considerable extent in movies. However, according to New York Film Academy (NYFA), average ratio of male actors to female actors is 2.25:1 and 30.8 percent of speaking characters are women. It might sound obvious, but gender-specific views are inevitably confined and weaken the movie messages. On the other hand, female character development can result in the novelty that is distinguished from traditional movies. For example, George Miller, Director of <Mad Max: Fury Road>, strengthened female subjectivity to innovate existing action movie plots. To sum up, female characters make movies interesting.

Another reason why the old custom should be broken is that it has bad influence on children. Most of female characters are incompetent and dependent on men. So are about half of violent characters. Gilpatric reported that over 58 percent of violent female characters were portrayed in a submissive role to the male hero in the film, and 42 percent were romantically involved with him. In addition, female characters sexualization happens a lot. Especially, Parents Television Council found that underage female characters are shown participating in a higher percentage of sexual depictions compared to adults (47 percent and 29 percent respectively). APA Task Force reported that body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, low self-esteem, depressive affect, and even physical health problems in high-school-aged girls. Also, girls and boys may internalize wrong gender stereotypes. In short, stereotypes can contribute to children health problems and bias.

Finally, overcoming conventional gender roles will make a profit. Reese Witherspoon, one of the most influential actresses, started her own production company after seeing six of her favorite actresses "fighting over a really crappy role in a movie." It will lead to female audience being far more immersed in movies than now, which would definitely results in improving profitability. According to NYFA, women purchase half of the movie tickets sold in the U.S. Also, CGV Research Center found that women purchase 55 percent of the movie tickets sold in Korea. Filmmakers should notice that and recognize the benefit they will get when they satisfy female audiences' desire. Thus, if gender stereotypes is dispelled, profits will not fall.

In conclusion, female characters have to be developed for several reasons. Basically, movies can be exciting with female characters. In addition, stereotypes can contribute to children health problems and bias. Also, female characters will not cause profit decline. We must recognize the inequality and keep in mind that nothing changes if we stay quiet.



Sue Min Hwang/First draft/Wed 3-4

 Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender is no longer an unfamiliar issue for the public. Compared to the persecuted image of the past, people have begun to display a more accepting attitude towards LGBT. The publics' open perspective is caused by exposure to the public, the careful concern for all people's rights, and the diverse people with different features.

 To start with, the exposure by the media allows LGBT to be a familiar topic to the public. The more public confronts with celebrities openly coming out and being active in their field, the more empathy and understanding for LGBT will grow in them.  There are in fact a lot of celebrities who have come out. Such people as Suk Cheon Hong, Mika, and even James A. Bell the CEO of apple have helped to be familiarize with LGBT and have changed the publics' perspectives toward them. Mass Media are the powerful tool and it is effective in terms of changing people's attitudes.  

 Additionally, neglecting LGBT people became an outdated idea. Currently, as human rights are stressed throughout the society, the minorities of the human society are gaining more respect than ever before. In addition, criticizing LGBT and impeding them from getting involved in the society can be viewed inhumane as it is deemed as disregarding human rights. Thus, instead of depreciating and discriminating them for their sexual preference as the past, the public is struggling to provide LGBT people an opportunity to claiming their rights and expressing their will. Thus, due to the rights emphasizing atmosphere, the LGBT people are able to regain their rights without obstacles.

 Lastly, as globalization prevails in the current society, people have raised concerns on the issue of respecting other culture or individuality of others thus helping public to be more open. Throughout the world, it is an inevitable phenomenon for respective country to possess distinct features. As the borders of the countries become obscure, the citizens gain access to both direct and indirect crossing of borders, such as the internet. Hence, they are enabled to encounter the indigenous characteristic and respect them. In this retrospect, the unique tendency of having different sexuality is also regarded as merely one's character.


 To sum up, after a long struggle to mingle with the public, LGBT has at last gained acceptance and respect of many people. However, as there are still a lot of people who remain hostile to them, the effort is not yet over. In order to maintain an environment where all people feel hospitable regardless of who they are, more attention and acceptance is inevitable. 

Dongwon Kang/First draft/Wed 3-4

 Every year in the United States of America, as many as 1.2 million high school students drop out of their school. The reason for students to leave school varies but the most significant factor in surging dropout rates is the misconception that what they have learned in school is not relevant to their lives. However, their regrettable decision to withdraw from school turned out to be devastating. The students who quitted school are now confronted with various negative outcomes that set back their standing in society and our nation is also struggling with a dropout crisis that undermines its economic growth. Therefore, the government should adopt a mandatory education policy that requires high school students to earn their diploma because dropout makes it difficult for them to land good-paying jobs, imposes a costly burden to society, and increases the chances of extramarital births. 


 First of all, high school students should not drop out of school for their own sake because it is hard for students who quitted school to find a profitable job in the future. As the importance of job specifications such as work experience or academic achievement is growing rapidly among young applicants, students without a high school diploma cannot help but lag far behind high school graduates in landing well-paying jobs. According to U.S Census Bureau, average wages of the dropouts are less than two-thirds of the income earned by their peers who completed high school education (qtd in. Breslow). This statistic also implies that the majority of dropouts are more susceptible to experiencing unemployment and exploitation of labor-oriented underpaid jobs that they reluctantly chose to make both ends meet. Thus, to help students avoid job loss or underemployment after dropping out, the school should make sure that they devote themselves to their studies and receive enough education to carve out a good career in the future.


 Another reason why high school dropout needs to be discouraged is that it forces too many taxpayers and the government to pay an excessive amount of money for the welfare of dropped out students. The ramifications of dropping out of high school are not only costly to individuals but also to a society that has the responsibility to make dropouts get back on their feet. First, there is a high chance that the dropouts are involved in welfare or legal systems owing to their poor living and working conditions. Belfield and Levin claimed that this increased social dependence of the dropouts brings rising public cost to our nation that compels taxpayers to bear a gut-wrenching amount of expenses (qtd in. Rumberger). In addition, as shown by the fact that over 66 percent of all incarcerated populations in the U.S are high school dropouts (Bloom & Haskins 4), they are also vulnerable to engaging in a variety of criminal and delinquent activities that will eventually result in their imprisonment and impose a huge burden on the state budget. In short, subsidizations needed to help them make a living and taxes for maintenance of the prison facilities all cost members of society a substantial amount of money.


Finally, high school dropout should be completely banned because it potentially increases the risk of births outside of marriage which intensifies the dropout crisis. A report by North Eastern University found that the dropouts estranged from restrictions of their parents or teachers have a tendency to take part in risky actions such as alcohol, violence and drug abuse. Among those improper behaviors, the most serious is early pregnancy which has a high probability to entail out-of-wedlock births. This problematic issue makes children born to students without marital status be abandoned as they do not have enough capabilities to support their children. Furthermore, Rector stated that it is five times more likely for children born from extramarital relation to live in an unstable environment with welfare than those from married couples. The majority of children born outside marriage, therefore, have no choice but to experience same poverty and academic failure that their parents suffered from before and this thus, causes a vicious cycle of school dropout that continues throughout the generations.


To wrap up, since high school dropout blocks individual's way to success and hinders our nation's economic development, inhibiting it is not only a breakthrough for prospective students to face a bright future but also a first national priority that has to be immediately done by the government. Students who dropped out of school are stuck in the hole as they have no steady jobs to live on and this has forced our country's economy to slide deeper into the depression. Moreover, a socially unacceptable problem such as births out-of-wedlock is deteriorating living standard of the students and worsening the chain reaction of high school dropout that does not seem to end. Therefore, it is a necessity for all of us to dedicate ourselves in decreasing overall dropout rates and helping students who failed to receive their high school diploma get back on its track. 

Jiwon Jung/First draft/Wed34

Gender Quota System, A Double-edged Sword

  Can gender quota system be a actual solution for women employment-population rate? Nowadays, lots of countries are enforcing gender quota system. Some countries like Sweden and Norway had successful effect by gender quota system, but some countries didn't. A representative example of this is U.S. It's still causing controversy. People who are opposed to gender quota system are saying it is a double-edged sword. Why? It seems like gender quota system can raise women employment population rate, but if we search in detail there are negative effects about it.


 First, there are doubts about gender quota system's effectiveness. Gender quota system has improved women employment rate. But how about promotion rate? What was the eventual goal of gender quota system? It was for more women leaders, improve the entry of women in public affairs. Gender quota system executed now seems to be a symbolic system. For example, Germany's companies are divided into supervisory board and executive board. Executive board has the actual power. In 2014, 22% were women in supervisory board but only 12% in executive board. Gender quota system should bring us a actual effects like improved right of women in companies and society.

 Next, gender quota system is a reverse discrimination. Gender quota system might be a compensation mentality. It means repeating the same mistakes. Of course discriminations of women in past was unfair and should be fixed. But gender quota system is not the right answer. If companies are required to raise the rate of women employment, men who have better ability can be rejected. Therefore, gender quota system makes another discrimination which is unfair.

 Finally, gender quota system doesn't fit with liberal democracy and capitalism. Liberal democracy and capitalism is based on compensation. But, if gender quota system is executed, companies have to fill women who have no enough ability just because of the rate. This leads to unfair competition or doesn't even give a chance to compete. Companies want and should employ people who have enough ability. It is 2016. We need a system that fits with time.

 In conclusion, gender quota system can't be a appropriate system for women. It might raise the employment rate temporarily, but that's all. Side effects like doubts about effectiveness, reverse discrimination and not fitting with liberal democracy and capitalism seems to stand out more. Angela Merkel, prime minister of Germany said about gender quota system. "Bring me a actual solution." Yes, gender quota system is not a actual solution.

Minsung KIm / First Draft / Wed 3, 4



Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel. At least once, people must have seen one of the movies of Disney princesses. Disney's first animation film was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which was released in 1937, and since the success of that film, princesses have been Disney's main storyline to the large audience's pleasure. And most of these stories end with the princess happily ever after smiling with their princes. And it is very sensitive point at these days as Women's right is becoming important. Therefore, Disney should create their princesses' characteristics independent and autonomous way than the past, to stop forming inappropriate personality, to meet society's expectations, to make adults mind also open to women's right.

First, every child especially girls are fond of watching Disney Princess movies. As kids are affected by the materials they watch, they are more likely to behave like the princess in the movies. Langham reported that Cinderella's rescue by Prince Charming can significantly influence a female's psyche, including her ability to make wise relationship decisions as an adult. It shows that children are really being influenced by the programs they encounter. If it is one of the dependent and fragile princess movie, they might want to become the princess themselves and will create their characteristics like princess. They might be dreaming for their own prince charming. It could lead to forming wrong self-esteem.


Another reason is that as society has been changing to respecting women, from seeing women as men's possessions to treating them same as the men which is originally right. Therefore, media started to produce more self-reliant women characters.  Moreau said that Although for some people cinema means something superficial and glamorous, it is something else. I think it is the mirror of the world. (qtd. in Bartyzel) Disney also is following the trend and they started to make princesses without princes. Princess Merida is the best example which shows that. Sofia and Botkin said that Merida may not have been a particularly brave new kind of princess, but we believe that "Brave" presented the newest and bravest fairytale world in Disney princess history. 


 Finally, many adults also like to watch Disney princess movies. So by making strong and appealing princess characters, Disney should work harder to make princesses like Elsa.  Mize states that Frozen is one of the few Disney Princess movies in which none of the key plots points revolve around the protagonist getting wifed up. It means that Frozen is very novel. According to the terms it was showing amid enormous popular acclaim. And it also shows that people are fond of watching those kind of movies.


In conclusion, Disney should produce separate and sovereign princess movies than the past. Disney has been aroused children to have roman of prince charming and this has to be changed to let children live their own lives. Also, as time goes by, the perception of women's role has also changed therefore, they should follow the current society. Finally, Disney movies with strong famine characters are very popular to adults. So Disney should make films, Princesses without princes.